Hope For The Heart

Life can take us down many paths. Some are joyful. Others are challenging. It is important to have someone to walk with down the challenging paths. If you have lost your hope, please let me hold it for you. Together, we will find your path and return your hope

Meet Robin Katzman

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Hamden, CT

My passion is giving the gift of hope to those who are struggling with some aspect of life. I provide a safe place to feel accepted, not judged. We will form a healthy partnership that inspires hope and optimism. I use various techniques, collected through my diverse training, to identify and explore your concerns. I strive to help you find success, however you define it.
As a certified grief counselor, and a person who has experienced grief and loss, I help guide others through the journey of the healing process. 

Areas of Practice

trauma and ptsd

Recent or past traumatic events often cause feelings of unexplained fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, or depression. If left unaddressed, these feelings and emotions may manifest as medical and mental health conditions over time. It is my intention to offer the hope of moving beyond the grip of trauma to a healthy, fulfilling life. As a Certified EMDR Counselor, I provide the support, education, and evidence-based clinical tools to achieve this goal.


Loss comes to us in many ways. The loss of a loved one is the first and foremost. However, loss may also include relationships, health, employment, self esteem, or even drugs. The grieving process is necessary to heal after experiencing loss. Support is essential to navigate this difficult journey. As a certified Grief Counselor,  I offer the gift of hope to those who are struggling with their individual journey of grief and loss, guiding you through the healing process.


Addiction often causes feelings of guilt or shame, leading to silence and suffering in isolation. I offer judgement-free support, guidance, and education to those who are looking to stop the cycle. Together, we will create healthy coping skills so you can move beyond addiction. We will include friends and family members who are seeking to support their loved one on your journey to recovery.


Relationships break down when interactions with friends, significant others, or family members become strained, difficult, and challenging. Whether it is communication tools or healthy coping skills, I help you better understand each other’s needs and challenges in order to sustain healthier relationships.

Insurances Accepted